Did you know bats make no sound when they fly?

Bat in flightI finally got off my butt and went to see Indiana Jones the other night, and as luck would have it, we were lucky enough to get stuck in the crappiest theater in the complex. Anyway, the movie was pretty good.

We got home about 10pm, and I came upstairs to check email and the usual crap before going to bed – then naturally, I get into bed and I'm wide awake. Gah! Rather than sit in front of this thing, I decided to go lay on the coach and veg in front of the tube. Then I see something streak by out of the corner of my eye. At first I thought it was bird, but it only took a second to figure out it was a bat.

After I overcame my initial freak out of "It's a bat! It's a bat! AAAhhhhhh!!!", I opened up the side door, stood back and watched it fly around. It flew about a dozen laps through the house before discovering the door was open and glided out. What really struck me was that it made no noise at all. None. It flew less than 3 feet in front of my face several times as I stood and watched it, and it made no sound. It was really pretty weird. It's not like the bat was freaked out and flapping wildly to get out, but I figured it would make some noise. It's pretty easy to hear birds. I was going to go and get my camera and try and take a couple pictures, but I didn't want it to go upstairs and I wanted to make sure it got out of the house – bats a re cool, but not as pets.

While I was poking around looking for a suitable image I came across some information on the PLoS ON website, intersting stuff if you like bats.

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