Can Am Spyder – The coolest damned scooter on the market

Can Am SpyderI first saw one of these about a month ago or so when we were hangin with some friends in Wellsboro, and then again in town here (probably the same one) a week or so later. I initially thought that it was custom modified snowmobile since that's pretty much what they look like, but they are flat out, hands down the coolest damned bike I have ever seen.

Check out the Spyder website, which is also very cool. liks it, and really, what's not to like? It has almost as much horsepower as the Jetta I used to have – coming in at 160 hp.The list of features is impressive, and the styling is absolutely amazing. Unfortunately with a $15,000 price tag it's just as likely I will ever get one of these as a BMW 1200 GS. I have always like the idea of a 3 wheeler motorcycle, and I just saw today too that Piaggio makes a 3 wheeler, and it looks like it would be a kick in the pants.

So many toys, I really just need to win the lottery…..

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