Cancel your AOL account? It’s easier to reanimate the dead….

I can’t believe this made it from Digg, to the news with Matt Lauer. This dude by the name of Vincent Ferrari tries to cancel his account and gets a crap storm shot over the phone at him by the complete jerk-tard at AOL. It’s crazy.

I had a tough time canceling the one for work, but nothing like this. I would reached over the phone line and yanked the dudes face off. The worst part for me was the call every day about how I need to come back to AOL.

Check out the Digg post, there are over 500 comments. I guess "John" got canned for being so helpful too. Oh well… it is what it is….

This is funny too, this guy is trying to collect 1 million AOL cds to give them back to AOL. LOL! I wonder how they would feel about that? A guy drives up in a dump truck and drops off 1 million of their CDs back to them… It’s not littering, AOL owns them. That would be awesome – probably never happen, but man that would be worth doin’.

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  1. WooHoo!! I wonder how John likes the unemployment line? Maybe they will treat him the same way 🙂

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