Bind a Spektrum DX6i to a Blade 200 QX Quadcopter





A lot of the Blade multi-rotors are RTF, or Ready To Fly, like the Blade 180 QX. The 200 QX however is a BNF, or Bind and Fly which means you will need to get a remote to fly your new 200 QX Quadcopter. For this I chose the Spektrum DX6i. It’s a decently priced and good quality option for folks not wanting to spend a ton of money. The DX6i has been discontinued, so you have other options to consider unless you can find one of these around still.

mix1All of the settings listed below are in the 200 QX manual save one, so for the most part I’m just adding some clarity and pictures to the setup process to get your new remote bound to your new quad/heli.

Here’s how I configured my DX6i with a new Model:

  1. Click the options wheel to the right of the screen.
  2. Set Model type to ACRO
  3. Setup your Model Name (200 QX)
  4. Scroll down and select SETUP LIST
  5. Scroll to Travel Adj.
    • Travel Adj -> (Set the physical Gear Switch to 0) Gear -> 100; (Set the physical Gear Switch to 1) Gear -> 40
  6. travel-adjAdjust the Sub Trim
    • Not in the manual, but this makes it easier to get flying and allows the heli to bind without adjusting the trim to slightly above 0.
    • Sub Trim -> Thro (throttle) + 10
  7. Adjust the Flaps ->
    • Norm Flap -> UP 100;
    • Land Flap -> DOWN 100
  8. Adjust mix 1Gear -> Gear ActRate D -> 0% U +100%
    • SW Mix Trim Inh
  9. Scrolsub-triml down and select SETUP LIST
  10. Adjust REVERSE-> Gear (Reverse); all others (Normal)
  11. Adjust THRO CUT
    • This is for setting up the throttle cut button. This is also not in the manual, but you need to have this setup to be able to stop the rotors from spinning.
    • Thro Cut -> Position -> Act
  12. D/R Combi -> D/R Swi -> Aile
  13.  Timer -> Down; Timer-> 06:30; Switch -> Trainer
    • Set the timer if you want to have a built-in reminder of how long your battery lasts.

The Gear and Mix buttons are used to select between the three flying modes, and are reflected by the big LED in the center of the Heli.

  • Green means easy mode (self-leveling, very low banking).
  • Blue means advanced mode (self-leveling, high banking).
  • Red means free flying (no self-leveling).


When you’re done flying and you land the helicopter, the blades will continue spinning so you’ll need to top the Throttle Cut button to shut them down.dr-combi








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