Again, I find myself geeking out….

I know, I know, big fat hairy surprise. But it is to me okay. Get over it.

So installed ubuntu 5.04 last night, and was dorking with it far too late into, well today – and now, from across a glass of Apple juice – I post to you… (do dooo doooooooo) in ……. LINUX!

W00t W00t!!!!!

There’s lots of ironic humor here to be had, but nonetheless, here I sit. behind a linux machine posting a goony little post in Firefox. Where do I go next?

No, really! Where?! I’m freakin’ lost here, no clue – none. How the F%$#! do you use the terminal?

2 thoughts on “Again, I find myself geeking out….”

  1. I have a version of Mandrake that I was going to load but I have been hearing a lot about Ubuntu. I am debating whether to ditch my plans (which never see fruition) and jump on the Ubuntu-wagon (OO-BOON-TWO is just much more fun to say) — what do you think of it?

  2. I don’t know actually. I have heard good things about Mandrake – but I installed Ubuntu because some of my friends did – and they seemed to have the fewest problems with it. It installed first try from the ISO I downloaded – so I have to say I like Ubuntu.

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