2008 Olympics Opening Ceremony Drummers: Total Coolness

08.08.08 Olympic DrummersThis has to be the coolest thing I have seen in a really long time. The Opening Ceremonies for the 2008 Olympics (or the Beijing Olympic site if you prefer) are underway in Beijing, and they had 2008 drummers on the stadium floor with custom Fou Drums with lights around the top surface that responded to every beat they made.

The coordination had every bit the precision of the Marine Corps Silent Drill Team, and I can only imagine how intense the sound must have been inside the stadium with these guys going at it. The performance last around 10 minutes I think and was truly inspired. Going through several variations before finally beginning a 1 minute countdown to the official start of the games; I wish I could have been there to see… no, experience it in person.

If the rest of the games are as exciting and amazing as the start was, then I think I will have little choice but to be glued to the TV for the duration.

*** Edit: here are some additional pictures of the ceremony at The Big Picture on Boston.com.

There is also a pretty cool little Flash app that demonstrates the various events and how they work in cycling – including track, mountain, road and BMX.

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