Little Rock City

Little Rock CityNot a very original name, I know, but this place is pretty cool. It almost reminds me of home in lots of ways. Okay, I guess I should be careful how I use the word home now right? Errr…. I mean it reminds me of Or-Y-Gun.

  Anyway, this place is very interesting. It’s basically a large grouping of flat-top rocks that form alleys, junctions and paths going every-which-way. This area has quite a few of these features, this is the second that I know of but have Little Rock Cityheard of a few more. Since it was a wonderful day last Sunday, the wife and I drug the monkeys to this place and they had a ball while I was toddling about trying to be a useful photographer and make good pik-choores…. We wandered about for about an hour or so. There are a ton of really interesting features here, caves, corridors, amazing root structures the way the trees cling to the sides of the rock. We also ran into a mountain biker who told me about the trail he was riding. The Porcupine trail, I believe; which runs smack-dab through the heart of Ellicottvile (or helicopterville, as Donovan calls it) and keeps on trucking. According to this dude, it runs quite a ways and has some wicked descents and brutal climbs (the way it should be right?). Might have to check it our next summer.

Dyaln liked it too...I plan on revisiting this place with one of my real cameras, and not just the digital. Although I must admit, it wouldn’t have been so bad with just the digital camera if I had a tripod or mono pod with me at the time. But since the kids were taggin’ along – I didn’t drag the tripod with us. next time though – no doubt. I might have to bring my 4×5 pinhole too. I think this place would be extremely conducive to the way the pinhole captures images. The dense forest will make for some 4 or 5 minutes exposures, but it’s worth it.

I would be really interesting in the winter too, but since I neither snow-shoe or ski – it might get a little dicey trying to get back into this place via the narrow server road. Especially since it isn’t maintained over the winter months.

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  1. This is a really cool place! When I first saw the pics I immediately thought of Onneatta Gorge, but then I read and found out different. Really cool, and a cute kid there too! =)

  2. Yeah, I can see how it would reming you of some of the places we have been in the Gorge though. The scale is vastly smaller, but it’s all water-eroded rock. Much older too.

    That crack in the picture (top most one) is only about 8 to 10 feet high, opposed to the; what, around 250 feet of Oneonta?

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