Go, go web!

This made my day! The new Spiderman trailer freakin’ rocks! Go here for the spidey web site. Go here for the trailer. I’m going to go see this, and I don’t know if I can wait till next June – that’s a really long ways away…. Never thought I would want to be bitten by … Read more


I need a new computer. And, I think I want a MAC?! OOP? Did I just say that out loud? I have been overcome by the satiny-aluminum techno-beauty of this gloriously minimalist machine… The common-sophomoric designs of the PC world have left me wanting (except for Alien Ware), alas, shall I become immersed in the … Read more

Whizzzz BANG!!

Great, just great. I get halfway through my weekend projects (albeit on a Friday) and I go and break my finger! Smooootthhh…. So I busted the protuberance on the second bone in my third phalange, just to prove a point; I guess. So off to Erie I go to talk to a hand surgeon, to … Read more

Hehehehe… Not funny.

So, I get up on Thursday, and what to my wondrous surprise should I see? Why, tiny white flakes flitting down from the sky!? It’s freakin’ October 2nd! It’s not supposed to bloody snow! Oh well. I have been secretly hoping this past winter was the benchmark…. like I said… [b]Hehehehehehe… not funny….[/b]


In the infamous (or maybe not so infamous) words of Queensryche – “There’s a Revolution calling”! Mere moments ago, nay maybe longer, regardless… mere moments ago in Darryll-time, the new Full-Length, Squidy Kickin’, pixel arranging, green type havin’ Trailer was posted for Matrix – Revolutions! Go here! Matrix Revolutions Trailer (downloadable using this link) Go … Read more

The eternal question answered…

Hehehehe. Like a kid in a candy store am I. I have been struggling with the question of how I to be able to do more Photography with a growing family and shrinking spare time. After much sea-sawing, flip-flopping, hemming and hawing – I have deliberated to a solution! I bought a scanner today, well … Read more

I would not, could not, write it in HTML!

I got a bug in my bonnet the other night that I had to redo my little Blog here, but not just redo it, redo it in Flash. So here it is gang, a flash based Blog. Yeah, yeah – I know. It’s not done yet. Deal with it. It’s cool and you know it!

whoa mama…

You know you’ve got yourself a real keeper when the guys puttin’ in your new furnace take a gander at the old one, and can only muster a “whoa mama”. You have to understand the old furnace to get a “true” picture of the “whoa mama-dom” of it all. It measured close to 20 square … Read more

And then there were two…

Puppies… puppies are like clowns, everyone likes clowns…. right? Sure they do, you betcha! The latest and greatest addition to the DeCoster homestead is Goddard, a 15 pound bundle of feet, fur and fangs. He is an adorable 2 month old Weimereiner who takes after his name-sake; Robert Goddard & and The Goddard Space Flight … Read more


In my endeavors to entertain myself over the past few weeks (sans wife and squirt), I have been traveling around my new home. The landscape of the surrounding area is surprisingly similar to that of Oregon, with really one a single outstanding difference: no mountain. The numerous parks, scenic drives and quaint little towns that … Read more

Politics not withstanding…

Most recently, I spent the weekend with a my old friend Ted, in Virginia. We spent the most of the weekend plodding around the DC Metro area. We started out at the Pentagon on Saturday afternoon, and after a brief run-in with a very… dedicated? Sergeant, we were on our way. You see this Army … Read more

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