Ow. My face hurts… Plus, Hey! It’s that guy from Die Hard!

The last week has been one of the craziest weeks of the year, culminating with a weekend of far more work than sleep. I've been doing a fair amount of freelance work of late so most of my actual down-time has been spent staring off into space, in the shower or asleep. I am really … Read more

Multi-touch display on the Silver Screen

I finally say the new Bond flick yesterday, Quantum of Solice, and it was an entertaining ride around the globe following Bond and (naturally) a couple of hotties as he saves the world. I would definitely say that you should go see it and enjoy it. From a purely geeky standpoint, one of the highlights … Read more

So! I’m a geek! Deal! (***Redux)

I made my very own custom Matrix wallpaper too. A little late I know, but I am adding a wallpaper section to my Blog, so I figured I would pop it here first, then add the section!


In the infamous (or maybe not so infamous) words of Queensryche – “There’s a Revolution calling”! Mere moments ago, nay maybe longer, regardless… mere moments ago in Darryll-time, the new Full-Length, Squidy Kickin’, pixel arranging, green type havin’ Trailer was posted for Matrix – Revolutions! Go here! Matrix Revolutions Trailer (downloadable using this link) Go … Read more

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