In my endeavors to entertain myself over the past few weeks (sans wife and squirt), I have been traveling around my new home. The landscape of the surrounding area is surprisingly similar to that of Oregon, with really one a single outstanding difference: no mountain.

The numerous parks, scenic drives and quaint little towns that litter the landscape of this Northeastern state are all uniquely similar to one another in some fashion or another. Bradford (for which I have no pictures yet) is a funny little town. With a population of about 7,000 people, it has a wide variety of housing, peoples and yet it has no real variety of restaurants. I know this first hand, since I have no home. As of today, Litsa and I are officially homeless, having no property deeded to our names. Being homeless as I am, I am in the unique position to eat-out every single ever-lovin’ meal. I have eaten at almost every establishment within a 15 mile radius, and a few quite a ways away from that. Lots of beef.

The call of the road has taken me to Erie Buffalo, Smethport, Warren, Olean and many places in between. The Kinzua Bridge is one of the most impressive structures I have seen in quite some time. On the way to Smethport, this was (and could quite very well be) the tallest and longest railroad trestle in the United States. Built over a hundred years ago it has seen many changes and even survived a train wreck in the middle of the span, to be rebuilt to support larger and heavier trains. Unfortunately it is closed to pedestrian traffic, so I have no photos from the bridge.

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