The eternal question answered…

Hehehehe. Like a kid in a candy store am I. I have been struggling with the question of how I to be able to do more Photography with a growing family and shrinking spare time. After much sea-sawing, flip-flopping, hemming and hawing – I have deliberated to a solution!

I bought a scanner today, well yesterday actually (but who’s quibbling). The new (ish) Epson 3200 flatbed scanner. It seems like a cool scanner. 3200 optical dpi with an optical density of 3.4. Techno babble aside – it will do a good job on all types of film; both color and black & white. Plus it will scan my 4×5 film.

So next comes the printer. Not sure on this end. I want sooooo many things. Anyone got 5 bills I can have? Then I could get a really, REALLY nice (and big too) printer to do my fine art Black & White prints on. If anyone wants to donate the fundage, I will happily give out prints.

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