Ubuntu blows kernel chunks – sometimes free isn’t as good as it sounds

Ubunt-pooI’ve spent the last half hour screwing around with a dorked up install, poorly written and inadequately designed software, and all I want to do is post about my trip to Texas. That is not to be.

Ubuntu stinks…

There, I said it. I mean it too. Between having to resurrect my install due to some random update fatching the system, or not being able to save a stinking .png file because GIMP sucks balls, or having to resort to installing applications via command line – I have had it with this half-baked wannabe OS. It’s not free. It may be Open Source, and you may not have to pay to use it – but it is most certainly not free.

My time is worth money, I have so little time that I can purely call my own, that any time I have to spend messing around with some idiotic computer error because some developer somewhere didn’t do his job – it really gets my goat; and I have had to do this a lot with Ubuntu. I have had 2 or 3 instances where an updated killed something, leaving me either at the command line, or with screwed up Beryl settings, and making all my windows pop-under for who-the-f%^k-knows why, or whatever. It’s a waste of time and I am done screwing around with it. It isn’t worth it. I can’t do half the stuff I want to on it because everything that works well, only works well on Windows. And there’s a reason for this. XP is an excellent, stable platform, and has evolved into the best OS available; if you include the myriad of applications available for it. XP is better than Ubuntu – every day of the week and twice on Sunday. If you Linux zealots want to flame me for it – knock yourself out – but it’s true. Everyone hashes on Microsoft because it’s fashionable. Jobs likes to do it, so it must be cool right?

..but so does Windows

Don’t get me wrong either though. XP isn’t the Nectar of the Gods either, I would choose OS X over XP if I had the dough to switch my desktop, but I don’t have that kind of cash to just toss at a machine. Windows XP has evolved into a stable, fast and reliable Operating System. I have had nearly zero problems with my XP install in the same time as I have had numerous problems (1 fatal, requiring a total reinstall) with my Ubuntu install. The issue with iTunes being the only exception – but that… was Apples fault.

I do freely admit that here are some really cool things in Ubuntu. Beryl and Compiz are sweet – and kick the heck out of the Windows interface as far as fun/cool factor – but so what? Stardock is doing very similar things on the Windows platform with WindowFX, which is way sweet – and developed by a great company. I don’t buy a complete OS because it looks cool – if I was that guy, I’d be running Vista, and have flushed another $300. I’d rather drop 50 bucks or so and get the Stardock apps – they run exceptionally well, and have a ton of options and support by a vast, loyal, and growing community.

Kicking it to the curb

Goodbye Ubuntu – it’s been passable. I have a Linux server downstairs too that is going to get the boot too. I am going to replace it with a NAS system like what br4x bought a few weeks ago. I’ve wasted too much time goofing around with Ubuntu – I don’t really use it since it isn’t all that usable to me. None of the applications I run will work on it, playing games on it is a pain, and if I want to edit photos… forget it! The server was just a way to use my old machine, and quite frankly I don’t need a server – just a back-up solution.

For now, it’s just me, XP and my Mac. I would rather spend an extra 2 or 3 hours a month building Lego’s with my kids than jerking around with an OS that will never work for me any way

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