Top 10…


Not too long ago I saw this content for a Flash Wallpaper. The prize was a pretty cool Timbuk 2 Bag, with the Macromedia Flash Moniker embroidered onto it. I saw it and said, “Hey! I could do that!” Well If you haven’t extrapolated by the title, I didn’t win the bag, but I did get selected in the top 10.

No too shabby if ya ask me. Here is the wallpaper I made for the contest. And here are links to several sizes of it.

[url=]800 x 600[/url]
[url=]1024 x 768[/url]
[url=]1280 x 1024[/url]
[url=]1600 x 1200[/url]

Also, [url=]here is a link[/url] to the site where the winners are posted.

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