The thing that ate my Hummer.

Cougar Series Transport/Control Vehicle

This thing is a monster! The Cougar, built by Force Protection Inc, is being billed as medium mine-protected vehicle, capable of troop transport, EOD, command and control, artillery prime mover, recovery and ambulance duty. This thing can house up to 14 troops and still carry supplies.

It’s a beast. Massive. Weighing in at 37,000 lbs and over 23 feet long. This is what we need over in Iraq protecting out troops and striking fear into the hearts of man!

Now get a load of the Buffalo – this this is swank – and even bigger. It’s safe to say the Marines won’t be gettin’ any of these – at least nor fro the next 10 years or so. They’re way too nice. The interior on this thin is nicer than my car – so sorry Jarheads, you will have to live with the Cattle Cars for a while longer…

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