The mother of all IMs.


So have you ever wanted to chat with Jeremy, Ryan and your cousin Bob all at the same time but couldn’t? Why you ask? Well, Jeremy (knucklehead) uses AIM, Ryan (can’t talk smack about him cus’ he’s almost a Black belt)uses MSN and your cousin Bob uses good ol’ ICQ.

Well, now you can. I’m not sure how long [url=]IM2[/url] has been around, but it interfaces with a ton of the popular IM clients out there: MSN, ICQ, AIM, IRC, YAHOO and a ton more. Check out their [url=]site[/url], and try it. I’m downloading it right now to give it a shot. It’s a fairly lightweight download at only 2.9mb – so even for you stone-agers with dial-up it shouldn’t be too bad of a wait. 😛

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