the 411 on GOOG-411

1-800-goog-411I sort of stumbled upon this the today; I haven’t seen any signs about it mind you, but just the same I tried it.


I guess the folks at Google decided to dispense with the normal trappings of accepted conversational greetings, opting for a more machine-like approach. When you call, you are greeted with "Calls recorded for quality". Hello to you too buddy.

Any way, it did a pretty decent job deciphering what I was mush-mouthing through the phone line trying to mess with it. It still managed to figure out what I was saying 50% of the time and I was seriously not talking right. You know, like normal folk….. When you go to the website to check it out, make sure to listen to Brian, he’s hip.

My favorite part is the very friendly (but not as upbeat as Brian) machine/voice in the background after I slurred out my location blathering back at me in an indecipherable techno-mumble. You have to gear it to really appreciate the comedy of it. I’m sure it serves some actual purpose other than existing for my amusement – but it does both so I’m happy.

It’s fast, free and easy. And apparently you always get pizza in the end.

dial goog-411, talk a bit, get pizza

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