That’s right… Snakes… on a Plane!

Snakes on a planeGo see Snakes on a Plane, I know that sounds crazy, but I don’t give a damn. Even better, get a call from Sam himself telling you or some other knucklehead to go see the movie. I ran across this the other day whilst hangin with me bro – and sent it to about 4 people. Now, I have no idea if they ever received it mind you, but hey it’s cool just the same.

This whole thing about Snakes on a Plane is crazy – I mean it has the potential to be the stupidest movie ever made, just look at the title and plot for cryin’ out loud! Other the opposing finger though, it also has the potential to be pretty damned funny. It has Samuel L. Jackson in it so, so as long as it isn’t any worse than Shaft was – I won’t mind shelling out some scratch to see it.

On a really geeky side note, the acronym for Snakes on a Plane is SOAP. eh? I know computer geek humor, most likely not funny.

2007:   SOAP – Snakes on a Plane

2003 +/-:   SOAP – Simple Object Access Protocol

***By the way, don’t be like "some people" and hang up the damn phone because you get a phone call from Sam. Why you ask? Simple. It’s funny as hell, and you can only use the same phone number once!

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