Taking futility out for a walk with my Aspire One

I decided a couple of days ago to rebuild my new Acer Aspire One to run on Moblin 2. Yeah, I know it’s only in Alpha, but I have it on my Mac, and it seemed cool so I jumped in and did it. It installed great from the USB drive I have. After using unetbootin to get it on there, it takes about 8 minutes to get the lappy up and running – and everything works right out of the can. Except Flash. I can’t install anything at all. Not as my user account, not as root.

Come to find out my user isn’t in the sudoers file, and everything I try to get it there fails or bricks the install. I messed around with it for a while, rebuilt it a couple of times with no luck, so I go after the Ubuntu option. Naturally Ubuntu installs flawlessly but with no wifi. Gah! Everything I try fails me, and after trying 8.o4, I brick the install with a kernel panic. Double Gah!

So now, I’m back to Moblin and no Flash. Or Pidgin. It’s bummin’ me out man…..

I’m not giving up though. There’s good info on getting 8.10 on an Aspire One, but I just can’t get the wifi to work. I would be fine with Moblin if I could get myself into the sudoers file though. I could install what I need and be done with it. I’ve read a lot about visudo, but I can’t install it and it doesn’t seem to be on the Moblin install. I’m at an inpass right now.

Oh yeah, and I can’t go back to the XP on there since it came with no discs, not like that’s a huge deal, not a huge fan of Windows any way, but this is turning out ot be more of a chore than I thought…..

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