Syncing folders isn’t as easy as it sounds….

Two now have fallen in my quest to find a good solution for folder syncing my systems. FolderShare flat out stopped working on my Mac today, it won’t even open after an update, so I think it’s off the table altogether since it doesn’t work with Vista well either. This effectively cuts out half of the reason I wanted to sync these folders in the first place, so without these two systems being supported there’s no reason to continue to use it.

After this debacle, I tried to install and run SyncBack and it really hosed something up with Kaspersky anti-virus; which basically prevented it from running at all – so I uninstalled it before I even had a chance to use it. If a program can’t be bothered to play nice with my existing software than it gets the boot. C-ya!

I’m still kinda bummed about FolderShare though, I think I will reinstall it on the mac and keep it around for a bit. Having it work cross-platform would be a great thing; if it works.

I will be getting my hands on a copy of ThinkDesk and give it a whirl too. I have been sick this last week so i am still a bit off my game, so it may take me a while to get back up to my usual speed….

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