RIP – After 60 years Captain America is snuffed out by Marvel

Captain AmericaThe y finally did it. One of the finest mere mortals to ever grace the Marvel Universe is dead. Captain America was killed just as he was about to pay the piper for defying the US Government – well at least in the comic. Say what you want about comic books and the folks who read and collect them, but this is big news. Captain America was the patriotic icon personified. He took his boot to Nazis, communists, supervillians galore, and even survived a bout or two with Iron Man.

According to Joe Quesada and other folks at Marvel, things are different now, and Cap really is dead. No corny rebirths here. Yeah right! That I will have to see to believe – so I guess the verdicts still out on his long-term death. Marvel has always had a way to bring back the dead.

I’ve even seen some talk of the Punisher stepping into Caps role, or maybe it’s just fan-boy speculation. Who knows; I don’t really follow comics so I would have no idea anymore. But as the cover of Punisher War Journal #7 shows….

Whatever the long term outcome of Caps demise, he lives on in my Super Squad figure….

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