Operation Firefox

Operation FirefoxMozilla is so cool. Their latest stunt is pretty brilliant, for a seriously blatant marketing ploy. Enlist an entire community of people who will gladly volunteer their time and resources to help market and advertise a company and their product; and how to do it without spending a virtual dump truck load of scratch. Operation Firefox seeks to employ the ingenuity of 50 teams or individuals to place their logo in publicly visible places of strange, interest or what have you. So maybe on the side of a Microsoft campus building in Redmond? Nah, too obvious. How about on the side of an armored truck that just stopped for a pickup? Ha! Not if you like life, methinks.

Ginormous Firefox Logo StickerSo here’s your chance to figure out some devilishly clever way to get your hands on one of fifty Fathead Firefox logo stickers. I know I would love to get one, that would be cool. I have no idea where I would permanently display one – but it would still be cool to have. While you’re on their site, you might as well check the SI section, and get your massively huge swimsuit model wall graphic too, I’m pretty sure your Mom won’t mind that you just put a life size Anne V in her basement… errr… I mean your room.

So get to it. Pick your flavor: be it Performance, Customization, Security or Community – then figure out how you can wow the big-brain on Brad, and create your diabolical scheme. You could win a MacBook Pro or Nintendo Wii. Just make sure you put some thought behind what your Wow factor is; I’m willing to bet a meh response from the judges will get you a steaming pile of bupkis.

I’m brewing mine as I write….

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