Ooops… Design feature or Actual error?

Another undocumented featureSince folks relish so much in pointing out when my stuff is broke – wassup guys?! Never heard of cross-browser development? This thingy no worky….

Anyway, it never ceases to crack my sarcastic behind up when developers up and decided all they have to support is IE. Microsoft may have the biggest boat, but they are not the only sailing vessel afloat.

Maybe it’s just me, but who cares! I’m not going to test it on any other machine, not my job, it’s broke, I’m too sleepy, Why don’t you do it, etc… (sorry, bit of an inside joke there…)

Want a wee giggle? Check it out, works fine in IE though. Not to mention that it uses a javascript pop up, which gets nailed by my pop up blocker, so I have to click the stinkin logo ta boot!

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