Nick Fury was defiled, and I didn’t even know it!

OMG! Ignorance is indeed bliss. My life was far, far, better never knowing that the eternal nimrod David Hasselhoff did his best (and worst) to destroy a very well-respected bad-ass in the Marvel comic universe. The Nick Fury: Agent of Shield movie simply has to be the biggest POS I have ever had the unfortunate luck to watch – and I only sat through enough to allow me to find a new channel to watch on my Dish.

JCal, Amanda and I went and watched what passed for a movie about Doom – and this was so much worse, I actually think the Rock could win an Oscar for his performance in that train wreck.

Who in their right mind would even think that Hasselhoff would be able to pull this off? He looks like a ‘tard with a stogie pokin’ out of his mug – and he can’t act his way off a California beach. Hell, they had to kill him to get him off of Bay Watch! Gah! If you liked this movie, then you probably liked Dolph Lundgren in the Punisher movie way back when. Actually, this is funny. Nick Fury was made in 1988, and Punisher in 1989. They must have figured, we can do waaayy better than that steaming pile!

Man were they wrong!

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