New Microsoft ads beat the Mac ads: because they are nicer….

The two new Microsoft ads are engaging because of the strangely familiar interaction between Gates and Seinfeld, which really does read like an old Seinfeld episode (no real surprise there). They are also ambiguous enough to be entertaining rather than a Cricket Bat to the face. The first one slays me, but mainly because of the little butt-wiggle thing (no homo) that Gates does at the end. WTF? These guys are weird.

Number two doesn't make any farther out of the Twilight Zone either.

I like it when ad campaigns come out like this. These are very reminiscient of the Mac ads when they first hit the boob-tube. The biggest difference is that there isn't any cross-platform bashing going on here; and I'm fine with that. The tone of the Mac ads was fuinny early on, and they are still pretty clever to a point, but they are getting a bit old. Yeah we know everyone hates Vista, but mostly I think everyone hates Vista because it's cool to hate Vista. The whole Vista sucks scenario has been more than officially played out and I'm sorta getting tired of hearing about it; especially from Apple.

Besides Apple isn't all that and a bag o' chips either. I run both, and don't get me wrong I love my MacBook, but Apple's PC development sucks honkin' huge hwang. They need to figure out how to test their crap, because every time they have a major upgrade to iTunes it jacks my machine up. Safari for Windows is still a dog, and now with iTunes 8 installed Quicktime took a crap so I have to reinstall that again too.

blah blah blah……

Anyway, enjoy the ads, and I am left wondering what's next.

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