More ice skating in hell [with MySpace]!

I have made another design change to my MySpace profile to be more in line with Flogging English. I am still running into aspects I would really like to do; like rounded corners on the tables, but can’t – well, because I’m trapped in the Hell of Nested Tables.

This version is designated 4, but in the real world it is only the 3rd style I have churned out since my last posting. You see, I have been sick and I need not the turmoil of dealing with before mentioned tables whilst I be convalescing. I did start the template page though. And yes, my Mama is proud.

I have this crazy idea that I will go through some of the more popular WordPress themes and port them over to MySpace themes – which in theory is a damned fine idea (or maybe it’s damned fool idea) – but I’m not sure how far I will get. I enjoy the challenge only so far as I think it is a worthy and valuable one – if it can’t be done, then I am only adding yet another layer of chocolate-futility goodness to what is quickly becoming a giant Hershey bar o’ fun.

If anyone is curious, my themes started in life as Connections, so it would stand to reason that the recent MySpace iteration is somewhat similar too – if not more blocky. So, if you want to use the theme, check out Vanilla Mist to get it. I will be adding more themes too, and eventually a full fledged page to support this  strange obsession I have found….

Oh yeah, get the CSS here.

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