Mixing Caffeine & Medichlorians…

Aaaahahahahahh aaahhhahh hhahahahaha….!!!!!

Star Wars III – Revenge of the Sith is worth every penny. Lucas pulled out all the stops, and kicked some serious arse all over the big screen with the final entry in the Star Wars series. I loved it! It was hands down the best of all of them yet.

The action sequences were original and engaging; and most of all very believable. The introduction of several new characters including general Grievous was awesome. I had a bit more background going in since I am an avid follower of the [url=http://www.starwars.com/clonewars/]Cartoon Networks Clone Wars[/url] series (now in season 2). Yoda was outstanding in his fight scenes as well. As usual, the effects were above reproach, and only in a few spots did it seem a bit dodgey, but it wasn’t really noticeable too much since the story kept me extremely well engaged and entertained.

I was surprised at how few people were there at 10pm, opening night – but I guess it’s a testiment to the fact that I live in BFE, and people don’t get out much here. I missed the reaction of the crowd a bit, since I saw Episode I in Portland, and the theater was packed to the gills. But hey, there was a Lightsaber fight in the parking lot before the show!

I plan on seeing it again, and probably a third time so I can finally go and see a full length feature in an [url=http://www.imax.com/ImaxWeb/welcome.do]Imax theater[/url]. That should really be a kick in the pants. I know Imax is planning on showing this movie, so I guess I will have to check to see if it’s playing in my neck of the woods. Maybe this or Batman Begins.

At any rate, go see this movie. Now! While it’s in the theaters, cus’ it is a must see!

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