Just what I need: Another TV show to watch

Ewan, Charley and the bikesWe were all sitting around the other day after getting all fat and happy on some very excellent turkey, and Paul whipped out on a documentary type show with Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman called Long Way Round.

The deal is, they hopped on 2 BMW motorcycles, had only another camera man following them, and the decided to ride those bikes all the way around the planet. It’s a great show, and it was surprisingly riveting. I was a little skeptical just simply because anytime you get a huge star involved it has the chance to go so far to the left that I just simply gets ridiculous; fast. This was exactly the opposite though. Ewan and Charley were reduced to normal men on a really long journey that turned out to be insanely hard at times. Traveling by motorcycle through Mongolia; not something I would recommend unless you know how to ride a bike – great googily moogily! They were in the dirt just as much as they were on their wheels.

It must be a genetic amle thing, but we were just talking about doing this too the other night. I would have to…. oh, I don’t know…learn how to ride a bike first, or would it be buy one first? I dunno. But I have never have ridden a bike for more than 2 seconds, so it would take a few classes and some major prep in order to get me comfortable on it. I mean, it can’t be that much different from road ridding or mountain biking right? I have raced and ridden bicycles for about 20 years, so I think I could figure out how to handle it, but I’m not that naive, a motorcycle is a lot different than even the nicest mountain bike.

It’s a intriguing idea, and it would most certainly be fun. So if you want to get sucked in to this show too, see if you can find the re-runs, get the DVD, and don’t forget to donate to Unicef.

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