It’s good to be Marvel.


I like movies. Sorta like I used to like comic books when I was a wee turkey buzzard (like my eldest son is now). I just watched the Fantastic 4 trailer [b][i]again[/i][/b], and… wow! [b]WOW![/b] I can’t freakin’ wait until this movie comes out. Even if I have to skip the new Star Wars to see this instead – I’ll do it! No questions asked.

I’m a little dubious of jessica Alba being Sue Storm, but I’m game to try it on. If it is anything at all like the last 2 X-Men movies, this movie is going to kick some Von Doom arse – and you know what? It looks like a winner! Speaking of good ol’ Victor, it’s the guy who played a baddy turned goody on Charmed – Cole (Julian McMahon, no he’s on [url=]Nip Tuck[/url] on USA). WTF? Interesting choice, but I think it fits.

Here is a link to the [url=]official site[/url] with the teaser and trailer, and a bunch of other goodies. The site itself is top notch as well – much better than the sites for [url=]The Matrix[/url], and the X-Men were, but still not quite as cool as the site for the Punisher (unfortunately gone).

This is sort of interesting too:
[*]The high bandwidth Flash site is best experienced with a broadband connection.
[*]1024 x 768 or higher monitor resolution is required.
[*]PC: PC Pentium 4 or XEON Processor Recommend.
[*]MAC: G5 Processor Recommended. G4 Processor should be be at least 1GHZ with 500 MB of RAM.
[*]MAC USERS: This site works best with Apple Safari browser.
Minimum requirements for a website? I guess someone took their job as a developer seriously on this one huh? I mean come on?! I know this whole [i]rich interactive application development[/i] thing is catchy… but it’s a website. All right? The first 2 I can see, the 1024 x 768 part is a bit hard to swollow – but it’s target audience shouldn’t be running any smaller than that anyway – so I cab let it go. But the hardware specs, I think that’s a bit much – it might actually scare folks off of the site. Which would be too bad, since it is an excellent site.

I also like how it recommend MAC folk use [url=]Safari[/url]! hehehe sorry Bill.

I can’t wait. See you in the theatres July 8th!

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