It was nice living in a real city…


So this movie is out. I don’t get to see it because I live in a small town – in the middle of BFE….

[b]House of Flying Daggers[/b]
These are the movies I live for. Even without seeing it yet, I know it will be spectacular and I cannot wait until it comes to the DVD segment of my life. I went and saw the last Jet Li movie, [url=]HERO[/url], and it too was a splendid peice of cinematography. The fight sequences were dynamic strings classic Kung Fu inter-mingling with the plot to produce an exceptional movie I would recommend any one to see. It was not over complictaed and the subtitles melted away beneath the draw of the movie.

Since House of Flying Daggers is directed by Zhang Yimou (who also directed HERO), I expect to be equally captivated by it’s classic cinematic qualities. Of course all I have to go on are the trailers and teasers, but they are quite compelling. Ziyi Zhang(from Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon) also stars in the movie, along with Takeshi Kaneshiro and Andy Lau.

You can check out the [url=]site here at Sony Pictures[/url].

I also found [url=]this site for HERO[/url], it’s all in Japanese – but it’s an excellent site.

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