Hack Windows with style.

So Bill asked me a bit ago about changing the login window image for windows, you all know which one I’m talking about…
At first I was like, “hmmmmm, I’m not sure how do that…” After a bit of snooping, I found [url=http://www.reshacker.com]reshacker[/url] again, and figured it out. Actually, Bill (IT guy from work) got me going yesterday with the Group Policy snap-in and changing text all over the place. I like dorking with windows, the messages and dialogues are so sanitized and generic, that I felt they needed a [b]personal[/b] touch.

So by opening the RUN command in the Start menu, I entered [b]gpedit.msc[/b], and wappow! Up came the GP snap-in and away I went. This thing is powerful – I can’t even begin to know what all you can do with it, but it’s cool.

Back to reshacker. I added a new image to my login, logout and locked screens using reshacker and editing the bmp files in the [b]msgina.dll[/b] file in the system32 directory for Windows. It took me a bit to figure everything out and I had to add a line to the registry to get it work with the new version of the .dll file – but all is good. There’s actually some excellent info on [url=http://www.microsoft.com/resources/documentation/Windows/XP/all/reskit/en-us/Default.asp?url=/resources/documentation/Windows/XP/all/reskit/en-us/prmb_tol_orir.asp]Microsoft’s site[/url], go figure. As well as a ton of others.

Just be sure to [b]SAVE AS[/b](in reshacker) and edit the registry using [b]regedit[/b], in case you blow it, so you can boot your machine again.

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