Google Domains does the trick

For quite a while now I have been struggling with what I really want to use for my email client. I used to Outlook Express, then got a copy of Full-on Outlook, but got tired of the Microsoft bloatware – and switched to Thunderbird. I really like Thunderbird, but it still isn’t quite the bees knees. There are a few things I don’t really like about it, first and foremost – the fact that it automatically drops your reply text at the bottom of the email.
gah…. I want it at the top, the way Outlook works.

That’s a pretty nit-picky thing – but there it is. The biggest reason I decided to make the switch is so I can get my email easily, from anywhere I want. The webmail host I have from my host (Media Temple) blows. Squirrelmail is less than stellar. I can’t say anything bad about Media Temple though, they are an extremely reliable host – I wouldn’t switch for nothin’.

It didn’t take me long to configure my domain settings for mail, chat, and the calendar and create the myriad of email addresses to receive the mail. You can even set up email aliases and domain aliases to receive email from the various domains I have under my root account with Media Temple. Sweet!

One of the nicest things though is being able to share contact between the users within the domain. So now we can all have the same contact list ( basically), and I don’t have to harass the wife for some random email address I can’t seem to find. I like having a domain calendar too.

The whole thing just gives me a warm fuzzy….

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