Good feelings gone…

I started goofing around with Google Apps for your domain the other day, and after many tries, much reading and too many frustrating failures to count; I decided to bag the whole thing. Well, at least the email bit. For whatever reason it just didn’t work reliably enough to the point that I trusted it with all of my email. So I just simply forwarded everything to my existing gmail account, set up some labels and filters – and holy smelly farts Batman! I was done in mere minutes – not days.

I think I am still going to use the calendar though. Maybe not. We’ll see. It would have been really nice to have everything in one standard location, but it just wasn’t meant to be. I found a lot of people having trouble with getting it set up too. Not really a surprise though, most folks couldn’t tell a CNAME or MX record from their butt.

My problem was a bit more vexing. I have several domains, most of them art alternate or sub domains of the root – but with different domain names. So I could get some of the emails to work all the time. Some not at all, and my main email only worked with some emails from some servers. WTF? I could send from Goowy, and receive it, but if I sent from work I wouldn’t. Go figure.

Maybe in the future, but for now, no thanks.

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