FolderShare plays poorly with Vista

FolderShareAfter successfully syncing two of the four computers I have to sync, FolderShare craps out when it came time to sync one of my XP installs to Vista. Right off the bat it started complaining about improper file names and that some files could not be copied. It copied all of the folders (first, and yes they were/are empty) and only about 40 files after something like 3 hours.

With some cursory poking around, I discovered there are a lot of people in the same relative boat. While quite a few seem to be having some sort of firewall and/or other permissions issue, most of what I found didn’t seem directly related to my problem. Or maybe it is – I’m not really sure just yet. Overall this is still an excellent application, but I have to wonder about if it is actively supported or not – or since it’s technically a Beta, if it is on the back-burner until Microsoft gets companies like Lenovo to retract their Vista to XP downgrade programs. Dunno.

I’m actually pretty disappointed after how well it performed between my two XP installs and my MacBook Pro, I was hoping for a bit more. I haven’t put any time into troubleshooting it just yet, I have been busy wrangling my kids all weekend. We’ll see what I can come up with in the next week.

Next up: SyncBack SE

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