Firefox, CSS and Goowy… oh my!

Get Firefox!Or at least fun at other folks expense. So you’re in the mood to mess with your friends and co-workers? Good. I have just the thing. There’s a feature in Firefox that will allow you skin any website through the use of the ever-powerful CSS. In your Application Data/Mozilla/Firefox/Profiles?*.default/chrome folder, you can add entries to the userContent.css file to mess with folks well planned site design. By adding a few placed entries you can skin gmail, or more aptly, make your buddies computer show a blank window on every website he goes to. I took a look at what I downloaded for gmail from – and it is really straight forward.

Take the URL of the site, so if you want to play with, oh I don’t know, the MI6 site, just add styles to the userContent.css file in this format – body#www-mi6-co-uk and then add whatever you wish to change. Substitute the body for the other tags, or #id or .class, for whatever it is that you are looking to change. The regular rules of CSS apply – so if you do something goofy – it won’t work here anymore than it will anywhere else. This site is easy, since if you look at the code, all of the div ids are readily available. Not sure how they would feel about it, but hey – who cares right? It’s not like you’re actually doing anything to their site. I like the idea of screwing with your friends though, the possibilities there are far more entertaining than spending hours screwing with CSS just to make a site a little better on the net.

Goowy mailWhile I’m on the subject of fun, and Goowy… they have made some significant changes to their Flash email application, and I must say it is still one of the coolest email applications around. You can set your own skin, and upload a custom BG image for it. It has POP access, forwarding, a calendar, games, contacts, and even an RSS reader built in to the default application window. Here are a couple of screenshots of the applications windows. You should definitely try it.

Get Goowy

Get Goowy

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