Cuban Olympian kicks ref, and gets banned

TAngel Matos of Cuba shows poor sportsmanship in the Olympicshis is utterly inexcusable. Angel Matos of the Cuban Taekwondo team decided since he was disqualified from his Bronze Medal match due to injury that he would prove his martial arts prowess by attacking the referee. Good one jerk.

The WTF rightfully suggested that this man and his coach, Leudis Gonzales be banned for life from the Olympics. In fact, the WTF should revoke both the men's status as members, as well as the schools membership status. I have no doubt that he is an exceptional martial artist, in fact he would have to be to compete in the Olympics at all, but he has a lot to learn about the philosophy of it, as well as how to not act like a child because someone is better than you or you get hurt. That's what my 7 year old does at times, which is not excueable at that age, so this jackwhit has no excuse whatsoever. It would serve him right if the ref he attacked decided to file assault charges; I know I would.

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