Clearly the best movie I have seen in a year!

Transformers The Movie

I just got home from the most fantastic movie I have seen in a year, maybe more. Transformers could beat everything I have seen hands down since The Lord of the Rings trilogy ended. Michael Bay destroyed every reservation I might have had about a live action Transformers and brought them all to life – and reinvigorated an aged concept. Let the merchandising frenzy ensue – well it already has, but the movie is going to be fuel for this massive bonfire.

The whole story was captivating, and the action was simply edge of your seat exhilarating – even though it was almost 2.5 hours long I felt absolutely none of the time go by. It had an excellent mixture of fun, seriousness, and balls-to-the-wall action. All of the characters were just as I remember, and I swear it’s the same original voice for Optimus as it was in the original cartoon.

I know some die-hard fans are a bit upset with Bumble Bee not being a VW (get over it), the Camaro is awesome. I was a bit skeptical on this change; that being said, I’ve never seen Bumble Bee looking so damned pimped out! Which also brings up the product placements in Transformers was there, and you can’t help but notice – but it was nowhere near as blatant and obtrusive as Fantastic Four, and some other recent movies. A note to the Studios: I go to movies to be entertained, not watch you pimp your movies out to the highest bidder. Good job on this one though, DreamWorks, and Paramount.

I’m going to go and see it again – any takers?

My kids are just nuts for this stuff too, especially the oldest. I just bought the Optimus Prime 20th Anniversary Figure from Amazon – and I though he was gonna blow a gasket! I was smart and thought ahead and also bought the Transformers 20th Anniversary Limited movie or if you are completely insane, go for the $180.00 badness of the Transformers 20th Anniversary Limited Complete Collection.

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