Can I carry a weapon?

Hmmm… Iraq in the summer? Sounds hot. No thanks. I’ll keep my feet planted here thanks. I will let my vicarious nature be satisfied through Brandon and his new adventures of hired network gun for the Iraqi folk. It is an interesting idea though. There is so much money being tossed around, that if I were not married with 2 (wonderful) kids – I’d prolly skip the pond with him. Hell, I would… no doubt. Actually, it’s still tempting – make 3 or 4 years worth of pay in a year? WTF? WHY NOT?!

Oh yeah. Now I remember. Getting shot at. See then I would revert to Joe-Marine, pick up a weapon and start kick a’, takin’ names, blowin’ doors and flingin’ snot! Then the Commandant would see what I did, wonder why in the name of Sam Hill he [b][i]ever[/i][/b] let me the hell out – and next thing you know I’d be back in the pickle suit plinkin’ away at the “bad guys” for ol’ Uncle Sam… I think I will resist the urge, and stay butt-in-seat, planted in front of my non-threatening computer and fight the evil of 56k dial-up connections….

God speed bro, and I expect some of that money is going to get wasted here in Bradford promptly on your return.

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