Got time to kill?

[img][/img] I just ran across these time wasters and played [url=]Hapland[/url] for almost an hour, frustrating as heck, I might add butt strangely compelling? I don’t know – but I think I might have to try my hand at making a couple of pointless puzzle games in Flash just for S & G. There’s 2 … Read more


Coming up here in the next couple of days, the wife & squirts are gonna do a little campin’. Since this is Donovan’s first camping trip, with friends to boot, he’s a little bit on the excited side. Litsa set up the tent to air it out, and I went to check on big D, … Read more

Something wicked this way comes…..

I did a little poking around today, and found a couple of posts from [url=]Colin Moock[/url](thanks Colin – one day too I will have to get to the Actionscript bootcamp – if I ever stop getting sick on the dates that is…), [url=]Macromedia[/url] and [url=]Josh Dura[/url]. Okay so here’s the deal. Maelstrom is the new … Read more

Speaking of trebuchets…

I [url=]found this link[/url] on the [url=]Global Specs search site[/url]…. It’s a fun little Flash game where you launch stuff from a trebuchet at targets and objects. Unfortunately the ammo is just rocks, but it’s pretty amusing…

WTF? Next they’ll be using a trebuchet!

[url=]Crazy S.O.B![/url] So, have ever made rockets out of 2 liter bottles? I have. And you know, strangely I never really wondered what it would be liked to be strapped to 1… Ever. Well, this goony a$$ Japanese guy now knows. Found this on [url=][/url]… Funny stuff.

Build your own R2-D2

This would be cool. I want an R2-D2 to chase my kids around with. Mount a retractable tazer or cattle prod on it, and I would be all set to Battle Buzz-droids full on! This actually looks like it would be a blast, and surprisingly not that difficult to do. has an excellent parts … Read more