Yeah… Ummmm… Christmas…

So we tried putting out the presents a couple of days before Christmas. Oh boy, that was smart… So needless to say doubleD had come up with a plan to get his presents early. It went sorta like this:

“Momma…come me… (come with me in kid speak)” his grand scheme, get mommy to go into the kitchen while he destroys the wrapping paper. When that failed he resorted to “momma…go way”. Hmmm, not sure what he had in mind there either. That’s my boy, subtle as a brick to the grape. So after that, no presents showed their face till he was asleep in his bed Christmas eve, then all of a sudden…WHAMMO! Santa exploded all over our living room.

So we figured he’d go noo-noo in the morning when he came down and saw all his loot. We set up the trusty DVcam, and waited.

He wakes.
He plods down the steps.
He stops.
He stares.
He’s still staring.

Yep. Wow. Exciting huh? He just stood there gape-mouthed and said nary a word. No excited kid-squeaks, no jumping up and down. Nada. Go figure. Well, we all had a great time anyway, we played until about 2pm, then we went and partook of our friends hospitality and company. We have some video and photos which will find their way here soon, for all you out-of-towners, hehehe…guess that’s pretty much everyone.


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