When to not answer a cell phone….

I was going to write about how the new Google OpenSocial seems pretty cool, or maybe about knol and how folks seem to be turning the corner and seeing Google as possibly the next Microsoft (WTF?). But I can’t. I keep running into people; well not really people per say… dudes answering their cell phone in the head. While takin’ a leak. Seein’ a man about a Wallabee. Takin’a wizz bang. Just stop.

No one is so important that they have to shake with their right and and flip open their Razr with their left. Get over your self. mmmmkaaayy? Having to be on the listening end of someone in the can talking on a cell ranks right up there with someone eating while on the phone, or smacking their gum at you like some adolescent sugar fiend hoped up on pixie sticks. Over the past week, every time I go out into public I run into to some troglodyte talking on the cell phone in the john. Today and two times on Wednesday; just to get started.

Whatever. Just take a minute to release yourself from the electronic leash and at least enjoy the transference of fluids.

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