Tiger Woods responds to YouTube clip | Genius Marketing

This next clip from EA Games and Tiger Woods is pure genius!

That clips illustrates exactly how companies should market to communities at the social network level – especially if they want get the results of their efforts to go viral. It's so easy to get it wrong, come off looking like you're trolling (because, well…. you are), and have an adverse effect rather than the one you were so desperately hoping for.

This illustrates that EA, Tiger and whoever the Ad Agency is; really gets it. They know what it means to deliver relative content to a community that moves at blazing speeds with a fish-bowl memory. The best part about this response is that this clip is taking full advantage of an existing community in a matured trend, and not jumping onto the latest whatever with their Johnny-come-lately content. In fact this clip was added 2 years after the original upload of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 Jesus Shot. Yet, after 2 days it has more than 451,000 views, 90 video responses, and more than 1,000 comments.

Note: Here is a link to Tiger putting a Rubik's Cube……

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