This is truning into a huge pain in the arse! I thought these forums were awesome – now I’m not so sure. I am having nothing but problems with getting them up and running – and I am about to give up on the forums for now….


:: update ::

Still having trouble – but I am going to give it a go and see what happens…

Check them out: [url=]Forums[/url]

3 thoughts on “PHPBB2… WTF?”

  1. I can’t log into the admin panel. I get redirected to the index page of the forums. That’s the biggest problem.

    Also, the User validation for registration doesn’t work. The code image recognition is off – so it always comes up with invalid code.

  2. Go to the forum … I will send you a private message (heading into work right now so give me a few). You can edit your settings directly in the database. Your probably right that it is a cookie issue.

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