Oh yeah… I went to New York!

This year was the someteenth anniversary of [url=http://www.flashforward2004.com]FlashForward flash conference[/url] and I was lucky enough to con my boss into getting the company to foot the bill. It was out-freakin-standing! I love New York. I even have a big red apple tattoo right on my a…. okay, no I don’t, but you get the idea.

So to start it off my Hotel, the [url=http://www.newyorkerhotel.com]New Yorker[/url] which is a whole whoppin’ 5 blocks form the Empire State Building, and a whole 3 blocks from B&H Photo, so I had to go to both. I must have walked around 6 to 10 miles while I was there. I walked to the Flat Iron building, through Times Square, over to Grand Central Terminal, over to the Chrysler Building and then thorough lower Manhattan.

I took the subway on Saturday morning to about 17th street or so, then hoofed it from there. I went through Greenwich village, Soho, then a little bit of China Town. WHile I was in Soho, I ran into this Saturday Market sort of thing which kicked Portland’s Sat. Market seven ways from Sunday. There was this one guy who made steel sculptures and they were the most intricate things I had ever seen. He a had Terminator, APC from the Matrix and tons of other stuff.

After beatin’ feet around there a while, I just sorta lollygaged through the rest of the City Hall area. I went to the site of the World Trade Center, and that had to be the single most odd experience of my entire life to date. Never mind the fact that there is this big arse hole in the ground, and some buildings looked freshly blown up… it was just not right. The place felt wrong, and disconnected from the entirety of the city. I spent an hour or so wandering through that area, before I had to leave…

The Flash conference was awesome too. I met a ton of cool people, took part in some inspired conversations and seminars, and was witness to some spectacular designs.

Over all, the highlight of my summer. Well, that’s not hard since we have NO FREAKIN summer yet. Oop, that’s another story.

I will get more pictures online soon.

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