Now I’m all minty fresh with Vanilla

Get Vanilla Vanilla is a new discussion board by Lussomo that’s ajaxified and cool. It’s a bit different than your standard forum app, and quite honestly it seems very promising. With easily applied add-ons, themes, and styles – it could be pretty powerful coming up here in the near future if it really takes off and some good developers put their knuckles to the stone to toss out some top notch add-ons.

Check out the Flogging Forums.

Have a Mint

Minty Freshness The other thing I set up last night was Mint. This is a simple statistics back-end for my blog. Since I run it under my parent domain [], I don’t receive accurate stats as to visits, referrers, etc, from  Media Temples site stats. This prompted me to take the plunge and get Mint, which is developed by Shaun Inman. Shaun, by the way, has to have the best design for a blog I have ever seen. It is, in a word; exceptional.

Back to Mint though. With add-ons and an easy to use interface, Mint was a joy to install and setup. No trouble, and extremely easy. Even a techno-n00b could easily figure this out and install it in about 15 minutes.

Check it out, it’s definitely worth a look.

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