I thought it impossible to hate BB more…

They say they waited for hours outside a local best buy store to buy the new Xbox 360 then were told the price would be different from what was advertised. Employees say management took advantage of the situation to make more money. This hails from good ol’ PDX too. The land of yuppie coffee swilling granolas… the crunchy part of the left coast.

Man. I can’t think of why this isn’t illegal – oh wait it is. If you can get arrested for scalping tickets, then the managers and execs of Best Buy should get their collective arses handed to them in their hats for this crap.

Just goes to show. BEST BUY SUCKS!

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2 thoughts on “I thought it impossible to hate BB more…”

  1. Christ! BB is almost making Sony look good.. Circuit City here I come..or Fryes..If I must go local, otherwise Newegg =)

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