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Uhhhmmm, yeah. Right then. So let’s look at the premise of game comes to big screen… Shall we? How many times has this actually been successful? Once? Twice? Resident Evil was good, and I liked the second one too (but I have a thing for Milla Jovovich). Then there was the Digitally rendered Movie, back in the day…. Final Fantasy – which was excellent. What else am I forgetting? Oh yeah… Doom.

If only I could forget it. WAIT TO SEE A MATINEE OR ON DVD. Dear lord, where to start. Let’s be positive.

The effects were excellent, and the relationship to the game series was also spot on for the most part. I enjoyed the audio/visual correlation between game-play and cinematography. The action sequences were well choreographed and quite energetic and very entertaining. Here comes the bad list:

  • The plot sucked
  • the character development sucked
  • the acting was passable
  • the dialog generally sucked – mostly because we aren’t even that foul-mouthed in the Corps for Gods sake!
  • If you don’t know the games, you will not get the movie.
  • The Rock’s performance was a let-down.

Overall I give a strong 5. I didn’t want to walk out on it, but I won’t be needing to ever watch it again. It’s a good thing the game play isn’t as bad as the movie, because I would want my money back. I could go on and on, but I won’t….

In retrospect, we should have gone to see The Fog or Stay. It probably would have been worth staying up until 1am for.

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  1. Well that’s a bummer. But at least I can scratch one of the list. I was listening to Mark and Brian yesterday, and they were talking with their movie critic, and they asked him for a couple of quick comments on the movie Stay…and he said “Don’t”. =) Oh well, by the time this comes out on DVD I will have forgotten all about it… 😉

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