Cabelas has its own freeway exit…

Cabelas in Wheeling West VirginiaThat’s how you know when your store has hit the big time. When you get your own exit on the freeway. I kid you not. Exit #10 on Hwy. 70 in West Virginia. It dumps you right on to Cabelas Drive, which is (strangely enough) the way to get to this massive store.

I should have shot more picture inside, but I didn’t – so go online and check out their website. The site is not much to look at but the store is insane. Complete with a huge fish tank, and with the biggest damn Catfish I have ever seen in my life. If Mike Rowe was Noodelin’ for this heffer, he’d a lost his arm. Also a massive display of dead critters, a Gun Library, a cafe, shooting gallery, water feature, Safari critters (including an Elephant) and placed around all of this is the stuff you buy. And every store is not complete without their very own airplane hanging from the ceiling.Seaplane in Cabelas store

This place is nuts! I have never seen a store this big, with all of the goony arse stuff scattered around. REI doesn’t come close.

So we spent a few days in Pittsburgh, and went over to Homestead and bopped around the Waterfront Town center along the Monongahelia River. This place is immense. Something like 430 acres of land and 700,000 square feet of retail space. We didn’t even hit 40% of it while we were there. That’s probably a good thing though, since we had far too much fun spending money, and would have invariably just spent more if we had checked the entire place out.  We did go by Nakama Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi Bar, and I tell you what; this was the best damn food I have eaten in nearly a year. Absolutely wonderful. It’s quite rare to go and eat at a restaurant that you do not need any additional seasoning on the food. They cook it right in front of you, and do the whole flippin-choppin-flamin deal.

It makes me miss the city and glad I’m not there all at the same time. The food was awesome, but if I had options like that all the time, I would probably get fat.

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  1. That’s a big friggin’ store! 🙂 Sounds like the trip wasn’t too bad…. I like those places that they cook it all in front of you with knives a flyin’

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