Finally submitted app to iTunes for review

The last week has been the ultimate test of my development patience and intestinal fortitude (yyeeaaahhhh!!!). I’ve have spent probably around 12 to 15 hours creating, deleting, downloading, and veraciously swearing at certificates, provisioning profiles, and xcode trying to work the Apple Voodoo to get my app to be able to be signed, then accepted as a valid binary via iTunes Connect.

Rather than rehash everything, there were three things to be the issue.

  1. I didn’t use my name as the Common Name when requesting the Distribution cert in keychain access
  2. I did not know that there was a need to set the distribution profile in the target (right click on the app under target, select get info)
  3. I removed the reference to Icon.png in the info.plist file

Now that that’s all said and done – I want some more for the app to get approved. In the meantime, here are some links to threads and posts that made my morning. Hope they help.

There’s a lot more in my Delicious links as well….

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