Estes Park & The Stanley Hotel

So we’ve spent almost the last week hangin’ with the fam here in Estes Park Colorado, and I have to say it’s probably one of the best places I have had the pleasure of vacationing. Nestled in the Rockies, right on the doorstep of the Rocky Mountain National Park, it’s scenic, laid back and a … Read more

Creating personalized maps with umapper

I registered with umapper some time ago to check out what they have going with their beta, but for a while I struggles to figure out what I would use it for. It was easy to figure out for work, I could create maps to find the most popular destinations in the area for people … Read more

Leaving New England….

Yesterday we started on our journey home and naturally the weather cooperated nicely and we had a rather beautiful sunny send off as we motored out of North Conway. The day before was another thing all together…. Sunday we drove to Portland and then on to Freeport Maine, and the weather was just shy of … Read more

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