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Wee Little Terrors – Page 3 – Flogging English

Yeah… Ummmm… Christmas…

So we tried putting out the presents a couple of days before Christmas. Oh boy, that was smart… So needless to say doubleD had come up with a plan to get his presents early. It went sorta like this: “Momma…come me… (come with me in kid speak)” his grand scheme, get mommy to go into … Read more

And then there were two…

Puppies… puppies are like clowns, everyone likes clowns…. right? Sure they do, you betcha! The latest and greatest addition to the DeCoster homestead is Goddard, a 15 pound bundle of feet, fur and fangs. He is an adorable 2 month old Weimereiner who takes after his name-sake; Robert Goddard & and The Goddard Space Flight … Read more

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